Due to a major move and job change Ed found it difficult to find the time or people to form a band. By this time it had been a few years not playing, but still having the desire to get a band together with the idea of writing and performing original music. Finally, finding the time and some people to play with, Ed became frustrated due to the general lack of commitment from the members and the idea of we will get around to original later....tired of only playing covers and the lack of any seriousness  (and not getting any younger) Ed decided to call it quits and chock it up to a good run with some great memories.

After about a seven year hiatus he met Jim Steele. Over some drinks and getting to know each other they discovered they had much in common both personally and musically. Finding out they had a mutual vision on what kind of band they wanted coupled with the fact Jim had a pile of originals just waiting for the right combination of vision and members.......history was made.

Ed says, "Never stop following your dreams. Sometimes it just takes a little more time than you would like, but it aint over til its over! Keep on keepin on.....and as always.....ROCK ON!!

Ed Ivinson - Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals


Jim Steele : Instrument: vocals and rhythm & lead guitar. Studio: Engineer and producer
Jim’s advice to all is to be who you are and no matter what stay true to yourself, your family and friends at all times, stand by your word, cherish your loved ones, and don’t take anything for granted…Life is too short. Jim’s musical long-term goal is to see the worldwide distribution of the new LIQUORBOXX CD, play some fundraisers, and to continue rocking and “just doing what I do.” 

Born to ROCK: 1966 Detroit, MI - Growing up listening to the likes of T-Rex, New York Dolls, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix and a slew of others, Ed always had the desire to play the guitar and be in a band. Around 13 he had a hand me down acoustic guitar that collected dust half the time due to no formal lessons or anyone else to jam with.

A couple of years out of High School, the desire to take up playing the guitar once again raised its rock n roll head and pulled him in. He purchased a fender guitar and a peavey half stack and proceeded to make the most god awful noise (music to his ears!) for the next couple of years. During this time his brother couldn't stand the noise anymore and decided to join him by playing drums. After having finally acquired some set of skills along the way, and a couple of other friends to join in the mayhem, they formed their first band Black Curtain.

Through the years Ed played in a few other local cover bands such as Liquorbox (one 'x'), Snakebite, Rathskeller, Black Curtain and Pryzm. During this time Ed had a growing desire to write original music, but could never get anyone to go along with this idea.

 Jim was born in Michigan’s great Upper Peninsula. He received his first drum set at the age of 5 and kept on rockin’. Jim’s musical influences are country, blues, rock and metal. Music is in his blood and his determination drives him to always sharpen his skills, to continue learning new things, and broaden his horizons. When he isn’t rocking, or recording and producing in his studio, his hobbies include deep-sea fishing, snowmobiling, guitar set up and repair, rebuilding cars & other motorized things, and last but not least drinking beer. 
“You got to love it !!!! YIIIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!”
His hobbies are Nascar, snowmobiling and Duck Dynasty (“Happy, happy, happy”) He is now 49 years old and is still jamming, playing rock & roll, and loving it! Pete wishes nothing more than to see you rocking when Liquorboxx is on the stage.​

Paul Hanell - Drums

Jim has formed and/or played in a few local cover bands: Steelthorn, Smoke Damage, Messy Face and 5 Cycle Slave and has recorded 7 full length CD’s, with thousands of national, local and internet sales. Jim has shared the stage in front of large crowds with many national acts such as Powerman 5000, Soil, Mobile Death Camp, Taproot, Sleeper Cell, Adakain & Band From Earth, and most recently Sebastian Bach of Skid Row.

Made in Detroit 1965. He grew up listening to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin & Alice Cooper. He got his first guitar in the 7th grade & began taking lessons. Pete states that he always had fun doing bad things in high school and he “knew everything …yea right!”  He moved to Traverse City when he was 18 years old and began cleaning up his act with jam sessions. The first song he ever played all the way through was Black Sabbath Snowblind. His “coolness” continued as he played in many different bands. With each adventure he found himself playing with all kinds of characters, some good & some bad, but he was able to learn something from each of them & sends his gratitude thanking them!

Pete Henry Jr. - Bass Guitar, Vocals

As singer/songwriter and rhythm/lead guitar player of LIQUORBOXX, Jim has brought with him into the band 9 songs and has also co-wrote 5 others for the new CD. Many of these he has been writing since 2006 and he has always had a passion to write songs from his heart in order to please any listener.​

Paul was born in Traverse City, MI; but has lived all around Michigan and other parts of the country like Atlanta, GA and Green Bay, WI before settling back to his roots in Traverse City. 

Paul grew up cutting his teeth to the likes of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer. 

Picking up the drum sticks before the age of 5 always encouraged and supported by his Grandmother Avis. Avis always made sure that he had an ample supply of drum equipment and purchased his very first new set of Pearl Exports at the age of 10. 

Paul put together his first band by the age of 12 and making music was burned into his blood. 

He has toured with and supported many national acts across the country but never quite finding a band he could really call home. Moving back to Traverse City just a year ago after a family tragety, he has finally found a home and great bunch of friends in Liquorboxx.

Other activities that Paul enjoys is building and fixing anything mechanical, the outdoors, snowmobiling and playing guitar.